​​​*September 30 - October 5​​

Dr. Brian Weiss will undertake Past Life Therapy Training at Omega Institute in Rhineback New York.  For further information contact 845-266-4444

*October 7

"Journey of the Soul: A Mind and Heart Awakenings" with Dr. Brian Weiss and John Holland. For further information call Hay House at 800-654-5126 and/or visit www.hayhouse.com

* October 17 - 21

"The Mindful Education Summit".  For further information contact thecommunity@awakennetwork.com

* October 

"The Path to Self Awakening" with Neal Donald Walsh.  For further information contact conversationswithgod@evolvingwisdom.com

*November 3

"Many Lives, Many Masters: Experiencing your Past Lives" with Dr. Brian L. Weiss. For further information visit www.hayhouse.com or call 800-654-5126

*December 7

"Creative Living beyond Fear" by Elizabeth Gilbert at Unity on the Bay, 411 NE 21st, Miami, FL 33137.  For further information visit unityonthebay.org

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