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Lata Sonpal, Ph. D., FCht., a psychotherapy sepcialist in Miami, FL

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​​Lata Sonpal, Ph.D., NBCFCH. inMiami

psychotherapy individual, couples, family therapy in Miami

Lata Sonpal, Ph. D., NBCFCH. psychotherapy individual couple family therapy 

The following Presentations have been given to the Community through Local Libraries, Universities, and other institutions by Dr. Lata Sonpal free of charge.  

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His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Regression and Progression through Hypnotherapy

Regression and Progression through Relaxation

Healing through Past Life Regression

Reincarnation  and Regression Therapy

Stress Management through Relaxation and Meditation

DSM IV: Changes in Childhood Disorders, and in Anxiety Disorders

Childhood Sexual Abuse:Indicators and Prevention


Myth of the Brady Brunch (Step-Families)

Fighting Fair with Family and Friends


Cross-Cultural Counseling and Psychotherapy

Fear of Success in Women